Muddy Waters Research Founder and Director, Carson Block interviewed on CNBC’s Strategy Session (April 12, 2011)

You can find the full article by Herb Greenberg's ("Playing ‘Regulatory Arbitrage’ on China Stocks") at the following link along with the replay of the show, by clicking here. Click here to watch the additional interview with Herb Greenberg and Carson Block on the Post Strategy Session segment… more

The Six Rules of China Due Diligence

Below are six tips to keep you prosperous in the Year of the Rabbit (a.k.a. the Six Rules of China Due Diligence): Rule #1 – Approach the company as a potential customer does. You want to see what the China side customers see. Fraudulent companies have far less confidence that they can fool a… more

SEC investigates China Stock Frauds

A few timely articles on the SEC's investigation of the US side of China frauds. SEC Probes China Stock Fraud Network - Congress and SEC Hits Stocks Made in China -… more

An interesting article

An interesting article from the NYTimes from October 7th, 2010 - "Rampant Fraud Threat to China’s Brisk Ascent". To read the full article, go to:… more