Report Title Company Date
NewEurofins Scientific Part II: Nothing but Net (ERF.FP) 2024-07-03
MW is Short Eurofins (ERF.FP) 2024-06-24
CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR) Part 5: With Dubai Properties, Vitek “Repaid” CPI’s Loan with by Saddling CPI with Off-Balance Sheet Debt 2024-06-02
CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR) Part 4: More Concerns that Rhyme With “Pondering” 2024-05-28
CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR): MW Questions for CPI PG’s April 8th Annual Results Conference Call 2024-04-07
Muddy Waters’ Questions for Fairfax Management on the Q4 2023 Call (FFH:CN) 2024-02-15
MW is Short Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (FFH:CN) 2024-02-08
CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR) Part 3: “The Kind of Fella I Am” 2024-01-24
CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR) Part 2: Overvalued Assets, Overstated Occupancy 2024-01-21
Here Comes the Cliff! (BXMT US) 2023-12-06
Dear CPI PG: Please Explain How Vitek Isn’t Asset-Stripping the Company 2023-11-29
MW is Short the Credit of CPI Property Group S.A. (CPIPGR) 2023-11-20
Sunrun: Just Making It Up (RUN US) 2023-11-01
Sunrun: The Case of the Phantom Subscribers (RUN) 2023-10-25
Vivion: Exchanging Reality 2023-08-03
Chinook Therapeutics: SPAC Exaggerations, Misleading Accounting, and China Questions (KDNY US) 2023-06-06
Muddy Waters is Short Chinook Therapeutics Inc (KDNY US) 2023-05-16
Vivion: You Don’t Mess With The Dayan 2023-03-27
Muddy Waters is Short Credit of Vivion Investments S.à.r.l. 2022-12-13
DLO: Why Won’t dLocal Put Anything in Writing? (DLO US) 2022-12-01
Muddy Waters is Short DLocal Ltd. (DLO US) 2022-11-16
HASI: Is There a Greater Fool? (HASI US) 2022-08-25
The Shade of Sunrun (RUN US) 2022-08-03
MW is Short Sunrun Inc. (RUN US) 2022-07-28
MW is Short Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (HASI US) 2022-07-12
MW is Short KE Holdings Inc. (BEKE US) 2021-12-16
MW is Short Danimer Scientific, Inc. (DNMR US) 2021-09-15
Solutions 30: Locked Doors (S30 FP) 2021-05-23
Open Letter to Lemonade: Egregious Security Vulnerability (LMND US) 2021-05-13
XL Fleet: Not Denying Much, Still SPAC Trash (XL US) 2021-03-10
MW is Short XL Fleet Corp. (XL US) 2021-03-03
MW is Short Joyy Inc. (YY US) 2020-11-18
MultiPlan: Private Equity Necrophilia Meets The Great 2020 Money Grab (MPLN US) 2020-11-11
MW is Short Nano-X Imaging Ltd. (NNOX US) 2020-09-22
EHTH: Booking Revenues Today that it Will Collect in 2029 (EHTH US) 2020-06-02
GSX: Small Classes, Big Lies (GSX US) 2020-05-28
MW is Short GSX Techedu Inc. (GSX US) 2020-05-18
Burford: Husbanding Liquidity, Wife-ing Financials (BUR LN) 2020-05-11
MW is Short eHealth Inc. (EHTH US) 2020-04-08
NMC: Undisclosed Share Pledges Intensify Questions About True Debt Levels (NMC.LN) 2020-02-10
Burford: Horrible Second Half Results Validate our Thesis (BUR LN) 2020-02-09
MW is Short NMC Health plc (NMC.LN) 2019-12-17
Muddy Waters is Short PeptiDream, Inc. (4587.JP) 2019-11-06
Burford: It Just Doesn’t Get Better (BUR LN) 2019-09-23
Burford: Was MW Wrong About Napo? (BUR LN) 2019-08-26
Behavioral Analysis of Burford’s Response Indicates Significant Deception (BUR LN) 2019-08-15
Burford’s Response is Nothing More Than Distraction and Thin Excuses (BUR LN) 2019-08-12
MW is Short Burford Capital Ltd. (BUR LN) 2019-08-07
ANTA Part V: “Controlled Major Supplier and Another Fila Lie” 2019-07-21
ANTA Part IV: “Liars Lie” (2020.HK) 2019-07-14
ANTA Part III: FilaBuster (2020.HK) 2019-07-10
ANTA Part II: “Mens Rea” (2020.HK) 2019-07-08
ANTA Part I: Turds in the Punchbowl (2020.HK) 2019-07-07
Muddy Waters publie une communication sur les derniers développements de Casino Guichard-Perrachon et ses sociétés mères 2019-05-23
Muddy Waters Releases Statement on Developments with Casino Guichard-Perrachon and its Parent Companies 2019-05-23
Credibility in the Balance: Six Key Questions for INGN Management (INGN US) 2019-02-25
MW is Short Inogen, Inc. (INGN US) 2019-02-08
MW is Short Manulife Financial Corp. (NYSE: MFC US) 2018-10-04
TAL Education: A Real Business With Fake Financials Part IV (NYSE: TAL US) 2018-07-25
TAL Education: A Real Business With Fake Financials Part III (NYSE: TAL US) 2018-07-23
TAL Education: A Real Business With Fake Financials Part II (NYSE: TAL US) 2018-07-02
MW is Short TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL US) 2018-06-13
MW is Short IQE (AIM: IQE LN) 2018-02-08
OSI Systems: Lost Credibility 2018-01-31
MW is Short China Internet Financial Services (NASDAQ: CIFS) 2017-12-20
MW is Short OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS) 2017-12-06
MW is Short Prothena Corp PLC (PRTA:US) 2017-06-29
MW Response to Man Wah (1999:HK) 2017-06-15
Asanko: Puppies and Rainbows (AKG:CN) 2017-06-04
Muddy Waters is Short Asanko Gold Inc. (AKG:CN) 2017-05-31
MW Statement on STJ/ABT Acknowledgement of Cyber Vulnerabilities 2017-01-09
China Huishan Part 2: Tax Bureau Evidence of Topline Fraud 2016-12-18
MW is Short China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co Ltd (6863:HK) 2016-12-15
MW is Short Nidec Corp. (6594:JP) 2016-12-12
STJ: Still Non-Secure 2016-08-29
MW is Short St. Jude Medical (STJ:US) 2016-08-25
Ströer: Astounding AGM Transcript 2016-08-10
Ströer: the Pile Gets Bigger (SAX:GR) 2016-04-28
Muddy Waters is Short Ströer (SAX:GR) 2016-04-21
New Information on Casino Casts Additional Doubt on France Recovery; Governance Problems in Brazil Appear Larger than Admitted (CO:FP) 2016-03-07
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Casino (But Were Afraid to Ask) (CO:FP) 2016-01-13
Muddy Waters is Short Groupe Casino (CO:FP) 2015-12-17
Muddy Waters is Short TeliaSonera (TLSN.ST) 2015-10-15
Muddy Waters is Short Noble Group Ltd (NOBL:SP) 2015-04-08
Bolloré (BOL FP): Complexity Creating Arbitrage with over 95% Upside 2015-02-17
Muddy Waters is Short Superb Summit (1228.HK) 2014-11-19
NQ: Oops 2014-07-06
NQ Admits Widespread Data Tampering, but Claims it is not a Fraud 2014-06-04
NQ: You Can’t Fool All of the People All of the Time 2014-04-13
MW Offer to NQ’s Independent Committee 2013-12-19
NQ’s US Veneer: Withholding Facts, Conned Men, and a Convicted Racketeer 2013-11-12
If You Believe in Yidatong, You’ll Believe in Santa Claus 2013-11-06
Chinese Media Views on NQ 2013-11-01
NQ’s Top Ten Lies Since Friday 2013-10-29
Initiating Coverage on NQ Mobile Inc. (NYSE: NQ) – Strong Sell 2013-10-24
AMT’s / GTP: We’re More Skeptical than Ever 2013-09-06
Olam: Not Changing the Old Ways 2013-09-01
A Zebra Can’t Change its Stripes: AMT’s Latest Purchase from NIHD 2013-08-11
Cracking Façade: AMT’s Q2 2013 Results 2013-08-01
Initiating Coverage on AMT – Strong Sell (Slide Deck) 2013-07-17
Initiating Coverage on AMT – Strong Sell (Full Report) 2013-07-17
Muddy Waters’s Reaction to Olam Q2 2013 Report 2013-02-07
MW Learned from John Hempton how to Catch FMCN in Another Lie 2013-01-24
Stop-Gap Bailout of Olam Validates MW’s Thesis 2012-12-03
Muddy Waters Offers to Pay for Olam Debt Rating 2012-11-29
Initiating Coverage on Olam International – Strong Sell 2012-11-26
Muddy Waters Reaction to Olam Frantic Response 2012-11-24
Initiating Coverage on EDU – Strong Sell 2012-07-18
Frauducation White Paper 2012-04-11
Frauducation Supporting Documentation 2012-04-11
Part 1 of MW’s “Frauducation” Series: Fraud School, RINO, FSIN 2012-04-10
FMCN: MW was Right that FMCN Lied re LCD Network; “Verification” Counted 30,500 Cardboard Posters 2012-02-09
FMCN: Why Would FMCN Buy a Ginseng Plantation? From One of its Employees? 2012-01-06
FMCN: Is “Independent” Verification in China Better Than Toilet Paper? 2011-12-09
MW Reiterating Strong Sell on FMCN 2011-11-29
Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on FMCN – Strong Sell 2011-11-21
Open Letter to SPRD Chairman re: MW Concerns 2011-06-28
TRE.TO, SNOFF.PK – The Ties that Blind – Part 1 2011-06-20
Muddy Waters Reaction to TRE Q1 2011 Conference Call 2011-06-14
TRE.TO, SNOFF.PK – Supporting Documentation (Appendices E-K) 2011-06-02
TRE.TO, SNOFF.PK – Supporting Documentation (Appendix D) 2011-06-02
TRE.TO, SNOFF.PK – Supporting Documentation (Appendices A-C) 2011-06-02
Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on TRE.TO, OTC:SNOFF – Strong Sell 2011-06-02
Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on DGW – Strong Sell 2011-04-04
CCME: Irrefutable Evidence of Fraud 2011-03-02
Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on CCME – Strong Sell 2011-02-03
Muddy Waters initiating coverage on RINO – Strong Sell 2010-11-10
One Billion Chinese People Can’t Be Wrong… 2010-07-22
Chinese Newspaper Investigates ONP, p.2 2010-07-22
Chinese Newspaper Investigates ONP, p. 1 2010-07-22
Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave… 2010-07-13
Two Points RE: the ONP debate 2010-07-06
MW Response to Rick Pearson 2010-07-02
MW Confirms It Analyzed the Correct ONP Entity 2010-07-01
Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on ONP – Strong Sell 2010-06-28