NQ: Oops

NQ’s July 3rd announcement vindicates short sellers, but was likely delayed in order to give China side insiders a chance to illegally dump stock. The announcement also puts lipstick on the state of NQ’s doomed audit. Only hours before the long July 4th holiday weekend began, NQ announced that Ms. Y… more

MW Offer to NQ’s Independent Committee

In a letter to NQ's independent committee, MW offers to engage, at our own expense, an independent and qualified accounting firm to evaluate the independent committee’s investigation into whether NQ Mobile is a fraud. To read the letter, check the box to agree with the Terms of Service and then… more

If You Believe in Yidatong, You’ll Believe in Santa Claus

NQ’s largest purported source of revenue, Yidatong (“YDT”), is controlled by NQ, and its primary purpose is facilitating NQ’s fraud. Believing NQ’s narrative of YDT – that YDT is an independent company annually facilitating billing of approximately $35 million for a variety of developers – at this… more

Chinese Media Views on NQ

It is beneficial for US investors to read Chinese media coverage of our NQ reports. This update consists of English translations of four articles that have appeared in Chinese media in the past week. There are two articles quoting certain of NQ’s purported partners (e.g., ZTE) as stating that NQ f… more

NQ’s Top Ten Lies Since Friday

Muddy Waters noted numerous lies and deceptions in NQ’s responses to our October 24, 2013 report. This report lists the ten most egregious falsehoods we noted from the October 25th conference call, and Co-CEO Omar Khan’s television interviews that same day with Fox Business News and Bloomberg. T… more