Ströer: Astounding AGM Transcript

Ströer: Ich glaub mein Schwein pfeift. Ströer did not invite the press to its Annual General Meeting on June 22nd. That’s a real shame because in our opinion, they missed out on a remarkable day of obfuscation, contradictions, and an astounding refusal to answer simple questions posed by sharehol… more

Ströer: the Pile Gets Bigger (SAX:GR)

We are unimpressed with Ströer’s response to our initial report. There seems to be a cottage industry that has grown up around responding to criticism from short activists. Accordingly, Ströer leaves major issues unaddressed, which we presume is because it has no good answers. Further, certain of it… more

Muddy Waters is Short Ströer (SAX:GR)

Ströer went public in 2010 as a Germany-based operator of billboards, with the founders Dirk Ströer and Udo Müller floating 47.8% of the company's shares – they still hold about 42% of the shares today. The business was steadily growing, but perhaps a bit boring. The stock price languished. At the e… more